SuperMuso Kids Music 

Tailor-Made Music Program

SuperMuso Kids Music is a music education program presented at your pre-school. The program is tailor-made for little ones from the age of approx. 3-6 years. Classes are presented in Afrikaans or English in weekly 30min sessions during school terms.  

Our program is based on the Colourstrings© Kindergarten method. Colourstrings© is an innovative, multi-sensory, child-centered approach to music education capable of taking children from music kindergarten to conservatoire level.



What is Colourstrings© ?

Colourstrings© was developed in Finland in the 1970’s by violinist Geza Szilvay as a way of introducing young children to the joys of music making in a playful, child friendly manner. Based firmly on Kodaly principles, Colourstrings© music education begins in the music kindergarten where children go on an exciting adventure to Musicland where they develop their sense of pitch, beat and rhythm and in the more advanced classes are introduced to reading and writing music through a simplified colour- coded system of notation.


One of the strengths of this approach is the common repertoire, from the Singing Rascals series, which is used in both kindergarten, early instrumental, musicianship and orchestral ensembles. This repertoire provides continuity and a sense of security for the children and enables a seamless transition from kindergarten to instrumental training. 


Why is SuperMuso Kids Music unique?

SuperMuso Kids Music caters for all levels of musical ability and not just the more naturally talented children. Our approach enables each child to progress at their own rate and develop their innate musicality.

* Our training lays the foundation for the development of music literacy from the earliest stages. Songs, pictures, fairy-tale characters and puppets are used to introduce basic notation in a fun, age appropriate setting. Children develop a solid musical foundation and learn to read basic music notation BEFORE starting an instrument.
* The instrumental lessons offered by Stassenheim Music build upon early musicianship skills acquired in our SuperMuso Kids Music program. The first little pieces which the young instrumentalist plays are familiar songs from the SuperMuso Kids Music program. This provides a seamless progression from our SuperMuso Kids Music program to instrumental classes.
* We use a unique colour-coded system of notation in the early stages of instrumental training which greatly simplifies the process of learning to read music for the very young child. Children quickly progress to reading standard music notation.
* Our training can take a child from the earliest stages of instrumental training to advanced levels of proficiency.


We believe that Stassi Kids Music provides the finest opportunity for young children to acquire a love of music, and to develop musicianship and early instrumental skills in a completely integrated way.

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Why Music?

Research suggests that music education help children as young as 4 show advanced brain development and improvements in memory. It also shows that music education can lead to improvements in literacy, verbal memory, visio-spacial processing, mathematics and IQ. The research found particular changes in the attention systems of children exposed to music education which affected their ability to pay attention.

Who presents classes?

Classes are presented by Elizna Stassen, a well-qualified music teacher residing in Centurion with a B.Mus degree and more than 15 years of experience with piano and music classes. She has a passion for music for little ones because of her love for music and her four children ranging from the age of 2 to 11.



Let’s Meet

We work with schools who make it their priority to provide a comprehensive learning environment for their kids. Is this also an area of importance to you?
If so, would you be open to get together for a short discussion to share a few ideas that could assist you? 

During our discussion we can explore the advantages of incorporating comprehensive music education into your existing program that is more affordable.


You are also welcome to book a free demo with us!


Book your free Demo at:
082 961 6129



Class Timeslots

We have a 9h30 class on Thursdays at our studio in Hennopspark, as well as several timeslots at the different pre-schools around Centurion.

There are no classes during school holidays or on public holidays. Classes that are missed are forfeited and cannot be rescheduled.

Class Fees

Class fees of R600 per term are paid in advance before the start of each school term. Class fees of R200 per month can also be paid in advance.  Classes can only be attended if the class fees were received.


Payment Method

Please settle your class fees via EFT and select the option where the bank sends a notification of payment to using the student’s name and surname as reference.

Fees are non-refundable and the payer does not receive a refund if the student ceases attendance or misses classes.

Should a student wish to cancel his/her enrollment, a written notice and payable notice period of one term is required.

Bank Details:
Name:          Stassenheim (Pty) Ltd
Bank:            FNB
Type:            Business Cheque Account
Account Nr: 62716478799
Branch Nr:    255355
Reference:    Student Name and Surname



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