At Stassenheim Music, we are passionate about music and helping you create the best music possible.


Stassenheim Music is situated in Eldoraigne, Centurion. Our founders, Deon and Elizna, started the company as an educational- and project studio that provides exceptional quality music education, as well as recording and mixing services. Stassenheim Music strives to provide all goods and services related to the music industry, ranging from insurance for your equipment, to buying and selling of equipment.

Our goal is to provide our all musicians, songwriters, arrangers and producers with cutting-edge education, recording, mixing and mastering technology with the knowledge to be competitive in today’s music industry.

Our studio offers a wide array of services and can accommodate any type of production or project. Our specialty is in music education through SuperMuso, live instrument and vocal tracking, and mixing.

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Have a Question About Recording or Music Classes?

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What we do

Music Education

We provide piano and violin classes, as well as pre-school classes through our exciting StassiKids Music Program.

Recording Albums

We record singers, songwriters, musicians and voice over artists, young and old!

Live Events

We perform at live events where class and professionalism are just a few of our talents!


How do I enroll to become a student?

Just complete our easy registration form by visiting to become a student of SuperMuso! Classes can be commenced once the required enrollment information and -fees were received.

Who can we expect at live events?

We perform professionally using our close-knit family of musicians. You can contact us for live events, corporate bookings or session musicians.

How does pricing work to record my own material?

We have several packages available which you could view more information on as outlined in our Services page. We do offer several ancillary services to our clients which is discussed during the first introductory meeting.

Can you offer session musicians?

Of course! We have resident session musicians as well as coaches and tutors available on site at discounted rates.